FlowWeave BioSeal

FlowWeave Bioseal

Textile Vascular Grafts

Product Highlights

  • The FlowWeave Bioseal vascular grafts are manufactured using the most modern weaving technique and feature high burst strength and low dilatation. The use of a specially texturized yarn supports superior tissue incorporation and healing characteristics.1
  • Because of the aldehyde- and isocyanate-free Bioseal impregnation, the grafts are primarily blood-tight and are characterized by extraordinarily soft and pliable handling.
  • The concentric crimping and a guideline enable for safe and exact positioning at the surgical site.2
  • The FlowWeave Bioseal vascular grafts are available as straight tubes in diameters of 8 to 34 mm and in lengths of 15 to 30 cm.3

Product Overview



Concentric crimping and a guideline for safe and exact positioning.


Aldehyde- and isocyanate-free Bioseal impregnation for blood-tight grafts.

FlowWeave BioSeal3

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Product Highlights

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