Minimally Invasive Valve Surgery Symposium

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Program Overview

The Minimally Invasive Valve Surgery Symposium is designed to provide an understanding of the various minimally invasive techniques used for treating the aortic and mitral valve, utilizing the On-X heart valve as the platform for valve implantation.  The symposium will cover in detail the various approaches to minimally invasive techniques, with particular focus on the hemi-sternotomy, right anterior thoracotomy and video-assisted techniques. Additional areas of focus will include enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocols, keys to establishing a successful heart team, starting a minimally invasive program and patient outreach and awareness.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Minimally invasive techniques for implanting On-X heart valves
  • Appropriate patient selection
  • Postoperative patient management
  • Key clinical outcomes with minimally invasive techniques
  • How to start a minimally invasive program


Intended Audience

The program is designed for practicing cardiac surgeons who are interested in or are currently performing implantation of On-X heart valves through various minimally invasive techniques.