The 36TH EACTS Annual Meetings

Milan, Italy  |  Booth No. B14

5-8 October 2022

Click the tabs below to learn more about the additional activities happening at EACTS this year. We look forward to connecting with you in Milan, Italy.

Let’s celebrate our Rebranding together

We kindly invite you to our Special Celebration at EACTS 2022 in Milan, Italy

Thursday, October 6th from 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm 
Booth No. B14

**Disclaimer: All products and indications are not available/approved in all markets.

Beyond the Hemiarch: A Simple Therapy for Acute Type A Dissections

Thursday, 6th October 12:45 – 14:00pm, Space 3, Boticelli 

Stefano Benussi (Brescia, Italy)
Aungye Oo (London, UK)
Topics Overview:
Michael Moon (Edmonton, Canada)
3-Year Outcomes of the Dissected Aorta Repair Through Stent Implantation Trial

Matteo Montagner (Berlin, Germany)
The arch remodelling stent for DeBakey 1 AAD: experience with 100 implantations

Payam Akhyari (Aachen, Germany)
Early results of a novel hybrid prosthesis for treatment of AATAD with distal anastomosis beyond zone 0

Ravi De Silva (Cambridge, UK)
How to introduce a new therapeutic approach in the acute setting

Choosing the Most Appropriate Treatment Option for Arch Pathologies

Friday, 7th October 12:45 – 14:00pm, Amber 3

Malakh Shrestha (Rochester, USA)
Martin Grabenwöger (Vienna, Austria)
Topics Overview:
Konstantinos Tsagakis (Essen, Germany
Transition from E-vita Open Plus to E-vita Open Neo – The West German Heart Center (Essen) Experience

Daniel Dohle (Mainz, Germany)
E-vita Open Neo in acute aortic dissections

Ravi De Silva (Cambridge, UK)
Decision algorithm for DeBakey type 1 AAD

Augusto D’Onofrio (Padova, Italy)
Endovascular aortic arch repair with Nexus: technical insights and 3-year outcomes

**Disclaimer: All products and indications are not available/approved in all markets.

Artivion Learning Lab

We have the pleasure of inviting you to our Learning Lab focused on aortic arch solutions, aortic and mitral valve repair.

6th – 8th October 2022

  • Frozen Elephant Trunk using E-vita Open Neo
  • AMDS stabilizing the membrane in acute Debakey Type 1 dissections
  • On-X Aortic and Mitral valve implantation
  • PhotoFix and its use in root enlargement

We are proud to have well renowned international proctors for each of the topics.

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A Prospective, Single Arm, Multi-Center Clinical Investigation to Evaluate the Safety and Effectiveness of AMDS* in the Treatment of Acute Debakey Type I Dissection Pivotal IDE Study

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